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About us

Affordable PCBs, Uncompromised Quality!

Experience Circunex – where affordability meets uncompromised quality. Get top-tier, cost-effective PCBs manufacturing without sacrificing performance or durability. Your electronics manufacturing deserve the best!

Circunex, a respected PCB manufacturer based in China, boasts over 8 years of experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication. We’ve served more than 3,000 companies across 40+ countries, with a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate. Our services extend across various sectors, including consumer electronics, industrial electronics, automation, automotive, and new energy.

We specialize in high-quality PCB fabrication, assembly, and component sourcing of PCBs ranging from 1 to 32 layers. Our offering includes Flexible PCB, Flex-Rigid PCB, HDI PCB, Aluminum PCB, High Frequency PCB, LED PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, and High-Tg PCB. From quick-turn prototyping (24-48 hours turnaround) to standard production (1-2 weeks), we deliver efficient, one-stop PCB manufacturing solutions. For complex or large volume orders, the turnaround time may extend to 3-4 weeks.

Adhering to rigorous manufacturing standards such as ISO9001:2007, TS16949, UL, RoHS, and IPC, we ensure all our PCBs meet and exceed client expectations.

By choosing Circunex, a China-based PCB manufacturer, you gain access to high-quality services, short turnaround times, and thoroughly tested PCBs. We’ve helped many companies across various industries develop innovative applications. Trust in Circunex for efficient, top-tier PCB solutions.

Global PCB Export Network

From our base in Shenzhen, China, Circunex’s reach extends globally, covering India, the UK, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. Our robust global network ensures timely delivery, keeping your production line running smoothly. Connect with Circunex’s global PCB network.

High-Quality PCB Manufacturing

When it comes to Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturing, Circunex stands at the forefront of delivering high quality and consistent PCBs. Leveraging the skills of our dedicated team, we ensure rigorous quality checks to meet your exacting standards. Choose Circunex for reliable and superior PCB manufacturing.  


From Shenzhen to the World: Circunex's Rise

Inaugurated in 2014 in Shenzhen, China, Circunex has distinguished itself in the realm of PCB manufacturing. Initially dedicated to the local market, we embraced global operations in 2019, establishing presence from India to Eastern Europe. Committed to excellence, we harmonize affordability, superior quality, and customer service. Our global footprint continues to expand, as does our relentless pursuit of setting innovative standards in the PCB manufacture industry. We invite you to be a part of our remarkable journey.

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